Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bubammmmmmmmmm ♥

Assalammualaikum, hiii :) It's been a while huh? :') Sorry, Bubam dah delete old post. Sorry, don't want to rewind my past :) just let it be and don't let it take an opportunity toward my tears :) Hahaha. Anyways, hello!! Bubam's in the housee~! Haha, I'm PMR VICTIM / PMR CANDIDATE. Hee~ Bubam, target 7A jaa :) Tak berani target banyak-banyak, nanti tak dapat kecewa :'). Bubam, now dah ada someone new. But rasa macam ada takde jaa. Rasa macam kita ni tak penting and always di pergunakan. Please don't be a person who's always take an opportunity toward others kindness. It's suck dude. Feel like wanna make you regret. But to sad, I can't I don't have an afford to make that kind of consumption. I'm just a small town girl, who's afraid to make others down nor bad mood. So I guess that all for today :) Take a deep breat, and think before doing something useless :)  -Bubam