Monday, 18 March 2013


Do you ever thought about having a long distance relationship? Haih, distance, it's really painfull. Trust me, once you lose hope, you'll be having a hard time to stand up straight again, because you know how hurt it  was when she or he leave you, after you fall for them so hard. It's been twice I'm having a long distance relationship ever since I met and break up with Miee. Well, as you can see. I'm a broken hearted girl with a thousand scarcasm inside of me. I'm tired of accepting scarcasm. Because keep on afraid making other people getting hurt, till I would be pleasure to let my own heart hurt. Well it hurt a lot you know? If you're gonna having a long distance relationship make sure that your heart is ready to accept all the scarcasm and all the needle that going to be enter you heart. Trust, loyal, patient, loving. That's the only thing that your patner want you to do. Trust them them they will trust you :')